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  1. I followed the link in the potential winners text but it is not confirming me a winner. Why?
    Please make sure the phone number you used to enter the sweepstakes and received your potential winner notification text on is the exact same number you are entering to verify yourself a winner. Please also confirm you have selected all appropriate boxes indicating you have read & agreed to all the rules and regulations of this sweepstakes. If you are still having issues please email
  2. I got a confirmation that my entry was received the first time I text. Why am I no longer receiving confirmation texts with my additional entries?
    Entrants will receive one (1) confirmation text to acknowledge they passed the age gate and their entry was received. No further confirmations will be sent during the duration of the sweepstakes. Please note only your first entry is valid.
  3. How often can I enter?
    As often as you wish but only one entry is considered valid
  4. Do entries ever expire?
    Entries not selected in a weekly entry period will roll over into the next weekly drawing period. This will continue until the end of the sweeps.
  5. How often can someone win?
    One winner per name/number/household for the duration of the sweepstakes.
  6. How are winners selected?
    At random. Numbers will be pulled from all valid entries and loaded into the Winner Verification website. These numbers will then receive a text with a link to this page enabling them to complete the verification form.
  7. How long do I have to claim my prize?
    You have approximately 150 hours from your text notification. Winners from each weekly period will be removed from the Winner Verification website at 11:59:59PM EST each Thursday prior to the next round of potential winners being selected and notified on Fireball Friday. See official rules for specific times and dates.
  8. Where can I find the official rules/terms and conditions of the sweepstakes?
    By clicking here
  9. Why do I have to be over 21 to enter?
    This sweepstakes is sponsored by Sazerac Inc an alcohol beverage company. It is our social responsibility to restrict those under 21 years of age from entering.
  10. Where will I be able to see the list of winners of these sweepstakes?
    After all prizes have been awarded you can request a complete winners list. Please see our Official Rules section 13 for details on how to do so
  11. How do I know if I am verified as a winner?
    You will receive an instant win notification on your screen and details to claim this prize will be sent to the email you provided when you have been verified as a winner.

You can also check out our Official RulesĀ HERE

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