Feeling rebellious? Bring on brinner! Breakfast for dinner. Eggs, bacon, pancakes and (insert record scratch noise) Fireball Whisky. C'mon, rebel!

Our chef friends have been innovating breakfast menu items with yours truly in the mix. So the next time you're feeling less traditional for dinner, get some inspiration with our list of breakfast favorites using Fireball Whisky as a main ingredient.

Fireball Bagels
Out of all these breakfast eats, Fireball bagels are by far the most popular, at least from what the internet tells us. It all started when a genius by the name of Alex Berkowitz was experimenting with booze in his kitchen one day. Clearly the experiments were a success; the Fireball bagel made it on the menu at The Bagel Nook in New Jersey.

The Fireball is poured into the dough during mixing and then again once they're out of the oven. Alex reduces the Fireball to make a glaze, proceeding to dunk the exterior of the bagels before letting them rest.

To wrap things up, the bagel is sliced hamburger style and slathered with cream cheese before making it whole again. What's next? Trying to not eat this genius creation in under a minute. The dragon wishes you luck!

Try this in your own bagel recipe, or, inspire your local bagel shop to give it a try! And don't forget to watch the Fireball Bagels video!

Fireball French Toast
We get it; it's a bit of a stretch to prepare bagels in your own home. Don't fear! French toast is on the menu, too. This one's pretty easy. Simply take your existing French toast recipe, and instead of the full measure of milk or half and half, substitute up to one cup of Fireball Whisky in the mix.

You'd be surprised how delightfully subtle the whisky flavor is in the finished toast, but it's the perfect hint of cinnamon to bring back memories of last night.

Be sure to check out the video and recipe!

Fireball Pancakes
Chef Jordan Chen claims he's lost his mind with this Fireball pancake idea; we say more power to you, Jordan! His idea came about when his cousin, studying at University of Georgia, wanted to cook more but on the cheap. Being that he already had Fireball in his pantry, it only made sense to use it as an ingredient in some pancakes. Plus, this was the perfect, easy and cheap way to subdue a lingering hangover from last night's shenanigans.

These pancakes are equally delicious whether made in a pan or on a skillet, so you're in luck! Simply follow any pancake recipe and instead of using the full measure of water or milk, substitute a little more than a third of a cup (3 oz. or 3 shots) of Fireball. Whisk your wet ingredients in with the dry until there are no clumps. Then, cook on a pan or skillet over medium heat until each side is golden brown. Enjoy!

Get the full recipe!

Fireball Cinnamon Rolls
This one comes from Tori of Seattle, Washington, and her love for bread pudding. Thank goodness for bread pudding, otherwise these would (potentially, but unlikely) never exist. Heh...

One day, Tori overheard her friends and even her husband raving about Fireball Whisky. (We're not surprised.) So, she made her way to the store and picked up her first bottle of Fireball, and instead of drinking it, she decided to make these delicious and unique cinnamon rolls. We forgive her non-drinking ways.

Good news: the dough and filling can be made from any credible recipe. The not-so-secret sauce, quite literally, lies in the sauce. It starts with your traditional caramel sauce ingredients - butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, etc. And then it gets better. You'll want to use heavy cream to balance the more thin Fireball Whisky.

Once you're done with the sauce, as Tori says, drench (don't drizzle) the cinnamon rolls in this sweet nectar from hell. Enjoy!

View the full recipe!

Fireball Apples
Lauren Cowling starts off her Fireball infused apple recipe with what she calls an "All-American Dessert." We think that's pretty badass. The only thing Lauren forgets is that fruit is a vastly underrated breakfast item. We're here to assure you that Fireball apples are more than acceptable for breakfast. And folks, this one's easy.

Take two apples, start slicing and place them in a storage container. Next, submerge your apple slices in Fireball. Let this soak for about four hours before enjoying.

Watch the video!

So, you still pondering coffee, orange juice, milk or Fireball to start your day? We didn't think so.