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As you know, our whisky tastes pretty damn good. And when you’re at work scorching shot glasses, you’re letting other’s taste the fire too. So why not get recognition for handling the heat? Nominate yourself or your favorite bartender to be Fireball’s Official Bartender of the Week.

Our BOTW Program highlights those who help spread Fireball at bars around the world. If chosen, we’ll reward you with fiery threads and sweet swag to take your game to the next level. Plus, we’ll show off your hotter than hell mug shot on our social channels. How ‘bout that?

Interested? Of course you are. Fill out the form below and upload a glamor shot of you or your favorite bartending slinging some shots. Pro-tip: if you want to be featured, show the Dragon some love in your photos.

Good luck. – Team Fireball

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