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How do I become Fireball’s Bartender of the Month?

We’re looking for the top bartenders who know how to sling a hot drink while slayin’ a Dragon. Sound like you? Here’s your chance to prove you can handle the heat.


We receive a lot of requests for partnerships – but we can only support our most badass Fireball fans.  So, you want to take this to the next level? Great! Head on over to our partnership request site to review our guidelines and fill out our form.

How can I work for Fireball?

If you’re reading this, it means one thing, you want to pledge your allegiance to the dragon. Good news, because we’re constantly looking for next level dragon slayers. So, you think you have what it takes? Head on over to our Recruitment Request page to apply.

Where can I find Fireball?

Fireball flows around the world. If you’re in the USA, we bet you can find some at your closest bottle shop. If you’re outside the USA, view our list of international distributors.

Where does Fireball come from?

Fireball comes straight from our Dragon Slayer hearts. And those hearts happen to reside in the US and Canada.

Why is the “Whisky” in your name spelled without an “e”?

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky traces its roots back to the cold land of Canada, where “whisky” is spelled without the letter E and people ride “toboggans” instead of sleds. Strange place.

Is Fireball aged? If so, what kind of barrel is it aged in?

Fireball is made with Canadian Whisky which, like your favorite 90’s sitcom star, ages gracefully. The whisky in Fireball is aged in used American bourbon barrels.

Can I tour the Fireball distillery?

In order to make enough Fireball for you fine people, we have to work nonstop at multiple distilleries. But sorry, no tours available.

Does Fireball Freeze?

Our whisky’s proof makes it perfect to store and pour straight from the average freezer. You’d have to drop the temperature to about -12 degrees Fahrenheit to get our whisky to ice up.

Is Fireball made with real cinnamon? Is it made with Ceylon cinnamon or cassia cinnamon?

We use real, natural cinnamon to create our whisky — any details beyond that are too secret to share.

Is Fireball safe to drink?

Yes, Fireball is 100% safe to drink. For information related to the propylene glycol (PG) concern in 2014, please view our related FAQs and press release, or email

How do I become a Fireball promo rep?

If you’ve got the spirit of a true Dragon Slayer, chances are we’ll find and contact you. But you can always drop us a line at and give us your location. We’ll get you the distributor contact information you need to take your slaying to the next level.

How can I distribute Fireball in my country?

Fireball can turn a good nation into a great one. Serve your country by reaching out to Tell us your location and we’ll pass the information to our global team.

Where can I buy Fireball online?

We would love to sell Fireball straight to consumers from our homepage — in fact, we were planning on having it shoot straight out of your computer screen. But due to industry regulations, we can’t sell Fireball directly to consumers. Luckily, a number of online retailers do including the folks over at Reserve Bar. Check ’em out here!

Why do some states sell mini bottles (like on airplanes) of Fireball, while others don’t?

Different states have different regulations and we highly recommend that you move to a state that embraces Fireball in all shapes and sizes.

Let us know if you have questions we haven’t answered and we’ll get right on it!

-Yours in Whisky

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