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2017 Shot Madness Basketball Bracket

Hey Fireballers, get in on the madness with your very own Fireball shot madness bracket. Download here:

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Quiz: Which Fireball Drink are You?

Forget what your psychic and mood ring say. If you want to connect with your true self, do some soul-searching with this insanely scientific quiz. Answer these eight questions and see which cocktail complements your character.

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Fireball Flow Motion Drink Recipes: The Fiery Manhattan

The Manhattan: a cocktail passed down through generations, for more than a century. See how modern-day Dragon Slayers give this classic drink a fiery kick in our next Flow Motion video. Stir up this tasty concoction and make your ancestors proud.

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Fireball Whisky Travel Guide: 48 Hours in Nashville

Take a shot, book a flight, and pack your bags. We’re going to Nashville – one city where the Fireball flows hot. Get ready for an epic 48 hours.

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How to Make a Fireball Whisky Drink: Tennessee Apple

Head down South in our next Flow Motion video. We’ll show you how to shake up the Tennessee Apple drink, which features Fireball, sour apple schnapps, and cranberry juice. Turn up the heat on this classic drink!

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